Manchester United Kits & Logo 2019-2020 Dream League Soccer

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86 thoughts on “Manchester United Kits & Logo 2019-2020 Dream League Soccer”

  1. How to download the jersey actually? I copied the url and pasted it into the download section in dls, but it always said “download failed”, what should i do?

  2. Tap and hold the kit you want for less than 2sec and options appears,from options select copy URL, and paste it in dream league app >customize team>customize kit>download, paste there. I hope this helped.

  3. I can’t download kit logo i have wifi copied image I’ve tried all what was mentioned above in the other comments but still it says ”
    “download fail”

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  5. Tips cara download kit
    Copy url
    Paste di customite team/kit
    Pastikan alamat awal nya http: (hapus tulisan url di awal alamat yg mo di download)

  6. Nice stuff as expected I have been using this site for so long, to download different kits from amazing teams in different leagues.
    I have even made a video on it, I was hoping you could embed the video on this site page I would be very greatful.
    The video link:

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  8. Sempre tentei achar o uniforme da Sharpe com eles de camisa vermelha e shorts e meias pretos com retoque branco mais não tem acho legal você pode achar ?

  9. Tento achar com camisas vermelhas, shortes e meias todos pretos com retoques brancos mais não tem eles usavam em 99 mais acho q não vai ter


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